UCSES is a premier safety training provider headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

UCSES was formed by a group of safety professionals who realized a need for improvement in safety training. With over 150 years of combined safety experience we provide quality safety training without the additional cost of membership.

Recently Added Tree Trimmer Safety Class!


UCSES offers a wide array of workforce safety classes that are customized you and your companies specific needs and demands. Need to train people on Forklift Operation Safety? We offer that. Need to customize a safety class for your specific equipment? Don’t worry, we offer that too. Let’s work together to make sure you and your employees have the proper training. Check out our full class listing.


UCSES offers consultations for small family owned and large scale conglomerates. Need to know what hazards are faced in your region? We have you covered. Not sure if your company’s needs can be met with our services? UCSES can modify and customize classes to suit the needs of most establishments. Just need a point in the right direction? Head over to our consultation page for more information.

FEMA National Incident Command Classes

UCSES offers FEMA NIC (National Incident Command) classes. These classes are required in some areas. Not sure who has to take these? Rest assured, we do. We will prepare for you, all the required training and classes needed for your management team to be ready if disaster strikes. Need more info on FEMA NIC classes?


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